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New Advanced Instructor & Instructor Trainer
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 13 July 2012 11:37


Congratulations to Por Parasu Komaradat who has just past his BSAC Advanced Instructor Examination.

In addition to this examination, over the past 6- months, Por has also been working toward becoming a BSAC bsac-advanced-instructor-certificationInstructor Trainer by working on several Instructor courses and exams under the supervision of a BSAC National Instructor.

On conclusion of under going many Instructor Trainer assessments, Por has also met the requirements for a BSAC Instructor Trainer and has duly been awarded the BSAC Thailand Instructor Trainer qualification.  

Les Skelton, BSAC Thailand Technical Director, was delighted to award Por with his Instructor qualifications. BSAC Thailand acknowledges that Por will be great asset to the company and will now be the lead BSAC Instructor, in promoting and delivering BSAC programs to Thai Nationals and the Bangkok Expat community.

As Co -Owner of “Dive Bangkok” Dive Centre, and now has the first Thai BSAC Instructor Trainer, Por is already offering the range of BSAC Instructor courses up to Advanced Instructor levels.

For more details on these instructor courses or any other BSAC courses, please contact Por on, Face book or go to the Dive Bangkok website:

BSAC Deep Diver
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 13 December 2010 15:03


New Deep Diving Course:

BSAC Thailand is pleased to announce the release of this new Deep Diving Skill Development Course. This course is aimed at both BSAC divers and divers from other dive agencies that are interested in conducting deep dives, deep diving procedures and deep dive planning. The Deep Diving course compliments other types of dives, such as deep wall dives, ocean pinnacles and, in particular, wreck diving, as many of the more interesting wrecks lie at deeper depths.

The course is not considered to be a Technical Diving course since all the normal protocols and deep dive procedures within this course would normally be covered by any recreational deep diving course syllabus. However, this course is a little more comprehensive in its contents and dive skills than other agencies’ courses.

This course is open to BSAC Sports Divers or the equivalent – e.g. PADI Rescue Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water (with Stress and Rescue Specialty), CMAS 2 STAR Diver etc. The student should also have logged a minimum of 20 dives since their entry-level qualification for this course.  In addition to this, out of the 20 logged dives, the student should have recently logged at least 1 dive to a depth of 30 metres.

The aim of this course is to train the students in the importance of proper dive planning and gas management, as well as the correct procedures for deep dives. In addition it aims to give them practical experience in planning and participating in deep dives, which will involve both simulated and actual decompression stops. It is important to remember that all deep dives will incur some level of decompression. This course addresses this, demonstrating and explaining the most effective and safest way of conducting these procedures.

On completion of this course and over a number of progressive depth experience dives, the student will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres.

This course is specifically designed to be offered by BSAC Training Centres. No specialized equipment is required for this course. Although the course does use two cylinders, the equipment configuration uses a standard diving set, plus an extra side cylinder, regulator and ancillary equipment, such as reels and Delayed Surface Marker Buoys (DSMB’s) etc

BSAC Compressor Course conducted for other dive agencies:
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 18:19

Over the past few months, BSAC Thailand has received many inquiries with regards to other dive schools who primarily offer training from other diving agencies wanting to offer some of the BSAC Skill Development Course (SDC’s). These courses can be conducted to compliment other dive agencies syllabuses.

BSAC SDC’s are unique to the BSAC and many of these courses are not offered by any other agency, for example Powerboat Handling, First Aid for Divers (specifically aimed at First Aid in the diving environment) and the Compressor Operator course.

The Compressor Course is already being run by some PADI dive centres in conjunction with PADI Divemaster Training and for PADI Instructors. Benefits for candidates include learning new skills which they cannot access through their own diver training agency, and gaining qualifications which make them more employable within the diving industry.

From a dive centre point of view a compressor is one of the key components of running a dive centre, not to mention a substantial investment. Operating compressors and filling cylinders for someone who is not properly trained to do so, can have some degree of risk. “Out of test” cylinders and poorly maintained cylinders pose the risk of rupturing when being filled. Inadequate filter changes and monitoring of air purities causing contaminated breathing air can result in blackouts and fatalities. So many dive centres now prefer to use qualified compressor operators who are trained to control these risks.

For a dive centre to conduct these types of SDC’s the centre must first be registered as a BSAC SDC centre and must have a qualified BSAC Instructors to conduct the training. See the instructor crossover program in the “BSAC course” section of this website.

Oceans Below and BSAC Teaming up for the first Pro-Level Video Training Course
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 25 September 2009 16:19

Oceans Below has recently been recognised for their dedication to quality underwater videography training by none other than BSAC Thailand (British Sub Aqua Club)! This distinguished, internationally recognised training organisation has chosen none other than Oceans Below to pilot the first professional-level underwater videography training program in the world.

It's a huge honour and one that the staff don't take lightly. They will soon publish the new BSAC Underwater Pro-Video Manual and will be certifying BSAC instructors throughout Asia to teach this programme. Already there are Dive Leaders and Instructors anxiously awaiting the start of the first courses in Koh Tao, Thailand.

One of the huge advantages of working together with BSAC is that the newly-designed course will be immediately credited towards a number of university courses for those involved in media studies. As experienced PADI Instructors but with no background in the BSAC system, Elisabeth and Aidy were invited by BSAC Instructor Trainer Les Skelton to do their cross-over course. Successful completion means they are now qualified to  teach within the BSAC system.

"We're all really excited about this new project and look forward to teaming up with an organisation like BSAC which has such a fantastic reputation for excellence!"


Advertising Opportunities on the BSAC Thailand website
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 July 2009 14:26

Thailand is a fast developing market for BSAC - we already have active training centres throughout the region offering a wide syllabus including dive courses, technical diving, seamanship and boat handling, equipment maintenance, expedition planning and more. BSAC Thailand has strong connections with the Thai university system, and is sanctioned by Thai royalty.

Also importantly, BSAC Centres in Thailand are offering exciting diving options for the many tens of thousands of BSAC divers worldwide, with large numbers of members in the UK, Japan and Korea. BSAC is rapidly expanding in both China and Thailand.

The BSAC Thailand website [] serves as a focal point for BSAC activities in Thailand, serving a range of functions:

- Giving information on BSAC Training
- Listing active BSAC Centres throughout Thailand
- Giving member schools the chance to promote trips and special packages

Diver certifications are processed using an online system via the members section of the BSAC Thailand website, and we operate an online certification database. This means heavy repeat traffic from BSAC professionals teaching in this region.

Paid advertising is available on the BSAC Thailand website, allowing you to reach very specific markets – dive schools and professionals in Thailand, and active BSAC divers from all over the world. We’re offering discounted rates for 2009, with packages available on a six monthly basis.

For pricing information, contact us.